Our Team

Brush Ames is a collective group of life-long artists, art students, art enthusiasts and a handful of creative souls that enjoy being part of something special. The members of our team are experienced in helping our guests (novice and advanced) recreate beautiful art work and projects and uncovering hidden talents guests never knew they had. Our mission is to provide our guests with the tools and ingredients to create an experience filled with surprise and delight. There's nothing quite like taking a night to forget about it all and simply focusing on you, a canvas and the brush in your hand.


Lucy Besch

Lucy is a graphic design student, avid painter and lover of pugs. In her spare time she is also a plant mom.


Breanna Dailey

Bre has been working at Brush for the past year. Bre loves to paint and enjoys sharing her appreciation for arts and crafts with everyone she teaches.
Katie Duval Grad_14

Katie DuVal

Katie is a recent studio art graduate of Iowa State University with a passion for integrating art within the community. Books, mountains and rainy days are just a few of her favorite things

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Anna Jacobi

Anna is an Industrial Design student at Iowa State who studied abroad in Australia last year. She is involved in lots of clubs and intramural sports at ISU. She loves her dogs, environmental sustainability, and being by the ocean!

Kali Kriener

Kali is a senior at Iowa State University studying Animal Science. She loves art just as much as she loves puppies!

Katelyn Berndt

Katelyn is the newest member of Brush, joining us in August 2018. She is an ISU graphic design student in her junior year. Katelyn has been doing crafts all her life and has owned a craft business since high school. Katelyn will be assisting with the expansion of many new projects and offerings here at Brush!
amber piatt pic

Amber Piatt

Amber is a senior at Iowa State studing Environmental Science & Environmental Studies. She has enjoyed painting and drawing her whole life and enjoys the beauty of the outdoors. She loves expressing her passion for the outside world to others through artwork, interpretations and random fun facts.